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Canine Consultant

Are we making decisions that advocate for our dogs?

Whether we volunteer at a rescue, walk dogs for a living, or have a k9 child of our own, it is our responsibility to set up each dog for a happy, healthy life. Far too often we project our own emotions on our dogs which can remove them from "a dog's life" and into a mental space clouded with anxiety, aggression, or fear. Let's give our best friend what they deserve: to be carefree!


Through the Canine Consultant, I hope to offer a broader perspective on the decisions we make for our dogs, both ones we already consider family and those that will eventually join the family. Over the years, I have assisted clients in choosing the right breed for their lifestyle or advised them on the rescue mutt that may fit their expectations. It is my hope that this platform can remain an open, honest dialogue among our k9 community.

Together let's learn to become better advocates for our dogs. 

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