We are a team and this is our family.

The Barking Meter (TBM) is New York City’s premier dog walking service and k9 concierge. We are the team that supports the individualized needs of each k9 and their human. Our holistic approach to an urban dog’s life provides them with a sense of calm, confidence, and community.


In 2006, Kara moved to New York City after her post-university job on Capitol Hill. Soon thereafter, she met fashion designer Phillip Lim and began walking his dog, Oliver, whose adorable personality inspired her to get her own French bulldog, Lucca. Spending afternoons with these two bullies sparked an interest in entrepreneurship and a career in the dog industry. In 2007, through the encouragement of her parents, TBM officially hit the streets of New York City with a focus on providing the level of care that Kara would expect for Lucca.


Since the beginning, TBM has partnered with local veterinarians, groomers, and trainers, and, through these relationships, the idea of the k9 concierge service began to take shape. In 2011, Kara's younger brother, Joey, joined her to create New York's best k9 care service. Our TBM family has grown over the years, but the mission and values remain the same.

Our values


With a sister and brother duo at the helm, family is at the very core of tbm. Each dog and human that joins the team is welcomed into our family. We are proud of the community of awesome clients and employees we have assembled.


Owning a dog in New York is a challenge. Our management team and walkers understand this, and will do everything we can to work together with each owner to make sure each dog can thrive in this chaotic city. We are more than your dog walker.


We believe that the best service comes from a happy staff. We are proud of the fact that each of our full time walkers is offered full benefits, including health insurance and a 401(k)  with a match! You can count on the your same walker showing up day in, day out. 


Kara began working with my French Bulldog when he was 18-months old. Oliver went from acting like a misbehaved puppy to a well-trained Mr. Oliver in a matter of weeks. She is reliable, trustworthy, timely and caring.He spends numerous days and nights with his TBM family. I highly recommend Kara and The Barking Meter.


—  Phillip Lim, joined 2007


41 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003

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