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Dog of the Month: Lucca

from Kara

Everything is for you.

Everything is because of you.

Lucca, you have given every person in our lives a beautiful gift. From friends and family, to tbm staff and tbm clients, to your vets and your foster siblings, to your sisters and moms -- we're all changed because of you. You have enriched every life you have touched. 

I simply can not imagine my life without you. It doesn't seem possible; it doesn't seem bearable. But it is my hope, that all of our beautiful memories and adventures and successes and cuddles over the past 14.5 years can carry me into the next chapter, a chapter I desperately wish to avoid because I won't have you with me but a chapter I know will be filled with love, advocacy and change because I will carry your legacy with me in everything that I do.

Thank you for choosing me. I will always choose you.

You are my best friend.
You are my daughter.

You are my partner.

You are my dog.


I love you, Lucca. I love you so much! No greater honor in my life than being your person.

Lucca's favorite things

  • her family: Chewy, Tembo, Kate and Kara

  • visiting Grandma & Grandpa in Palm Springs and licking all the whipped cream off of Grandma's lattes

  • sunbathing like a lizard

  • peanut butter everything!

  • her no1, her mama -- always together, always Lucca and me

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