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Dog of the Month: Mouse

from Kara

"Two years ago, Cunucu Dog Rescue came to life thanks to the incredible vision of Jane and Jeremy. Simultaneously, our best friends, Jon and Nina (Bubba's mom & dad), introduced us to Ashley's family as they were [loosely] considering fostering or adopting. We kept in touch over the year, sending dog profiles, and checking in on where they were at in the process. The kids were ALL IN about a dog sibling but, as we all know, it rests on the parents to ensure that dog thrives so Mom and Dad had a serious decision to make. Once Mouse landed a spot in their home as a foster dog, it was over: they were beyond sold on a k9 family member and totally in love with this darling Cuncuu puppy. Lucky for tbm, it was our first official Cunucu to join our pack which was the start of a beautiful journey within our tbm family. We continue to grow our Cunucu community within tbm. Thank you to Ashley & Co for sharing Mouse with us, for spreading the good word on what tbm represents, and for being absolutely stunning human beings. We love you all."

favorite things

  • LUKE. No joke: her tail wags so hard when she sees him that she slaps herself in her own face. It's the cutest!

  • Running downstairs to wake up her siblings. I say, "Mouse, go get the kids!" and she runs and jumps into bed with our son and licks his face until he wakes up. Then she runs and jumps in bed with our daughter and does the same. By the way, this is the best mom hack ever: before Mouse, they would always wake up grumpy. Now they can't help but start their day with a smile! It is the best.

  • Sleeping in the world's weirdest, most contorted positions, as is the Cunucu way.

  •  Running after balls. All of the balls.

from her human

"I don't think we would have adopted Mouse if it weren't for tbm. Our relationship pre-dated Mouse (through Lord Muffin himself, aka Bubba, and his wonderful parents Nina and Jon), and talking with Kara about adopting a dog gave us the confidence to take the plunge. Kara encouraged us to look into Cunucu Dog Rescue and then, once we foster-failed and Mouse was ours, tbm helped us figure out everything from how to manage her anxiety to what kind of food was best for her sensitive tummy. She has come such a long way because of tbm and is now fully herself — just a completely weird, wonderful pup who loves her family and her tbm friends. We are so grateful for everything you've done for her and for us. Thank you teamtbm! "

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