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Dog of the Month: Archie

from tbm

I love Archie, he's very special, and I am truly so honored to have worked with his family since they joined tbm. Thank you to Mowgli's mom Leslie and Cunucu Founder Jane for sending Archie our way. Thank you to Rochelle and Benji for trusting tbm to care for and train their k9 son. We love you all and look forward to watching your family grow. Archie will be missed by his Big Dog Pack, by Luke his Pack Leader, and by me his Teacher and Friend. -Kara

favorite things

  • playing fetch in Central Park

  • ice cubes

  • watermelon

  • nap time with his baby brother Levi

from his humans

Our journey with tbm started because mutual friends and clients recommended Kara when we got Archie. We were looking for help training our energetic pup and for someone to walk him when we were at work, but we got so much more. We learned how to communicate more effectively with him, how to create boundaries that worked for us and him, and how to provide him with the structure he needed to succeed. Whether it was camptbm, sleeping at Kara's, multiple times for overnight training sessions, or daily walks with his pack, we always knew Archie was in the best hands. tbm recently helped prepare Archie, and us, for his new role as big brother and we have to say, he is crushing it! tbm helped shape Archie into the dog he is today and us into the dog parents we are today. We will forever be grateful for tbm's love, care, and support.  

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