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Dog of the Month: Olive

from tbm

West Village's sweet baby Olive with her tight brown curls and active little tale is always a treat to walk. Her warm welcome, to handlers and friends makes her an easy pup to walk, catching the eyes and compliments of those passing by. And her mom is courteous and friendly to boot! - Fernando

favorite things

  • Watching the sun set 

  • Practicing her swimming 

  • Movie nights in her PJs

  • Play dates with her big Golden and Whoodle cousins

from her human

TBM has been essential to our NYC experience with Olive! As first-time dog parents, we cannot say how much we appreciate TBM — you have been so patient and helpful in getting Olive adjusted to the city and helping to work on her separation anxiety! She loves all her walkers and her pack mates — she always come back with the biggest smile. We are so grateful for how much you care for Olive — as if she were your own! Thank yall so much!

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