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Dog of the Month: Shinji


from Shinji's Dad

TBM has been an incredible co-parent in my life with Shinji, having worked with the team for 9 of his 15 wonderful years! They have always taken such good care – not only of Shinji, but of me as well – and have been unwavering in their support for my canine companion, especially during the early years when I was starting to build a business as a solo entrepreneur. I’m really grateful for the time we’ve all had together and am glad that they get to help out with Shinji’s younger brother, Kuma, who is carrying the torch for the family.

Shinji's favorite things

  • Apples

  • Naps in the grass

  • The grassy smells of the Hudson Valley

from tbm

A dog inspires us to be better and do better. Then there are those special dogs who inspire us beyond our wildest imagination — and that’s Shinji. He’s behind so much goodness and love in his dad’s life: he’s the other half in Zak+Fox; he is the rock within a love story; he represents Shibas so masterfully that little bro Kuma joined the family. It’s only been a matter of weeks since the Fox crossed the rainbow bridge, but the hole in our hearts is ever so deep. We love you, Shinji. 

Starting Lineup

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