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Dog of the Month: Buddy

from tbm

It has been a fantastic time getting to know my best friend Buddy. At first he was very nervous and took time to trust people. But as we went on more walks, he got more comfortable and now he even lets me pick him up. I love Buddy so much and I'm so proud of how far he's come along. - Felix

favorite things

  • His bunny (that came with him 6 years ago)

  • ANY ball

  • Belly rubs

  • Giving kisses

  • Walks in the park and peeing on everything

from his human

Nobody wanted Buddy. He had lost an eye, not been well taken care of, and didn't like people or dogs. We took a chance and we are SO glad we did! When no one would take a chance to try to walk him, TBM stepped in and saved the day. We knew having him walked would help his reactivity, and only TBM believed in him. Buddy can be a challenge, but he has grown and learned to be a better dog and be an example that rehab is possible. 


He's Buddy The One Eyed Wonder Dog, showing the world that all dogs deserve love and a chance at a new life!

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