Dog of the Month: Bear

from TBM

"Bear's presence isn't just about his large size but his epic personality too. On the days I am lucky enough to walk Bear, I can't help but smile strolling through Brooklyn with him by my side. It feels like walking with some kind of celebrity - people love seeing him and none more than me. He not only feels like a special dog but like a friend." -- Kate

favorite things

  • Bear loves pizza more than anything but won’t eat the crust unless there is butter on it. I have to spell out the word *pizza* around him and have to take alternate routes to avoid Domino’s locations on our walks. If he spots a Domino’s, he will lay down in front of it and won’t budge. 

  • Bear doesn’t bark but lets me know he needs some attention by thumping his paw on the ground. He will also walk over to me and tap me if I don’t respond fast enough! When he stays with his grandparents in his *country home,* he loves to sun himself on the deck outside. 

  • Bear loves to swim—which I found out at a neighbor’s backyard barbecue when he was only a year old. I dropped his leash for a second, and Bear ran straight for the deep end of the pool and jumped in. He had never been near water before and didn’t know how to swim; he was having a ball but starting to sink. So, fully clothed in a new dress, I jumped in the pool after him to hold him up. The neighbors still talk about it to this day! 

  • Bear is a complete mama’s boy. We also call him Mr. Mayor, because his favorite thing to do is to pay calls to neighbors and take a turn about town. He is quite the social butterfly. 

from his human

From the first moment we met the folks at TBM, Bear and I have been so grateful for the way they accept him, regardless of size and breed. TBM sees Bear’s personality and constantly endeavors to shape the walking and care-taking experience around Bear as an individual pup. TBM never makes me feel like a crazy pet parent—they completely understand how Bear is my world and they reinforce that perspective! I couldn’t imagine our lives without our special friends at TBM. 

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