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Dog of the Month: Taco


tbm's impact, from Taco's family

We’ve been working with Kara and tbm since Taco first came home to us, starting with puppy training to daily pack walks to camp tbm. As first-time puppy parents, we were extremely grateful for Kara's guidance on bringing an intelligent pup into our home, which we quickly learned was no small task. Kara not only trained Taco, but helped train us to earn his respect and lead him, without losing his goofball tendencies. Once Taco graduated to pack walks, we've been so happy to see him excel with his neighborhood buddies, continuing to practice what we learned with Kara's training. The messages we receive from Jimmy and Sienna after Taco's walks always brighten our days. It has also been such a blessing to have a member of the tbm team stay with Taco when we can't take him with us for a weekend trip, it's so important for us to have Taco stay with someone we trust and he's comfortable with. Knowing he's having a good time and in good hands when we're gone makes it a little easier to be away from our favorite little dude. 

Taco's favorite things

  • Playing with toys, especially balls

  • Socks (if he can get his paws on them)

  • Following mom around the apartment wherever she goes 

  • Protecting his parents against trash bags

  • Snuggling up with us after a long day

Starting Lineup

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