Dog of the Month: Boss

from tbm

"Nothing brightens a day like a booty wag greeting from Boss Baby.  Her speedy run/slide across the hardwood floor to meet me at the door makes my heart swell. This little lady can be stubborn, but she always manages to be up for an adventure whether it's interning at the office, an outing to the dog park or a walk across the city for a puppy play date - she's the perfect companion. Her boundless energy keeps me on my toes and always laughing. Getting the call that I get to hang with her is the highlight of any month because I know snuggles, kisses and endless games of fetch are in store (and the occasional sleepover with Raleigh). It also means I may come in second to my boyfriend, Sunny, for her affection, but I'll take all the Bossy love I can get. Boss is such a staple of TBM’s Tribeca pack and it's been a joy to watch her grow and flourish. Getting to know Boss through TBM over the years has also come with the incredible blessing that is her moms. Alysha and Alexis are such wonderful humans so it's no wonder they have a perfect pup. They make taking care of Boss truly a joy and I'm grateful that TBM has connected me with these amazing women. Their little family of three means the world to me." -Meg

favorite things

  • salmon (or really any food, let's be honest)

  • snuggling with her mommies

  • trips to PetCo

  • chewing bones

  • CampTBM sleepovers with Meg

from her humans

TBM has helped Boss grow into the sweetest pup. Boss started training with Kara and walking with the TBM pack soon after we brought her home, and we couldn’t be happier with the love and care they’ve showed our little lady, even if she can be a bit stubborn sometimes. We love to travel, and TBM has made sure Boss is well taken care of at CampTBM whenever we go away—it often seems like she’s had so much fun that she may not want us to come back!  We are so grateful to be part of the TBM family.

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