Dog of the Month: Tater Tot

from tbm

"Oh, sweet Tater Tot! Whenever I get to see this sweet Bullie, he just brightens my day. From short walks around the hood, munching on stray leaves, or snoozing in the sun during CampTBM, Tater is always a relaxed companion ... unless it's dinnertime, then he's on high alert and right with me in the kitchen. I always love when I get to spend time with him and his sister, Twinkie. She'll have to give him extra face licks this month. Love ya, Tater!" xxDarby

favorite things

  • Food. Leaves. Anything that resembles food. Tater loves to eat. Lives to eat. Will do anything to eat. If you move your hand ever so slightly, he is convinced you have food and will stare at you with his sweet eyes until you find some food to give him. After he tries to chomp your fingers off

  • Sleep. Tater must sleep at least 80% of his life. He moves from bed to sun spot all day long. Maybe chews a bone for 5 minutes then sleeps until it’s time to eat. He’s basically a newborn minus the crying. 

  • Twinkie. He loves, adores, lives for his sister. They have a bond that I have never seen between animals. She thinks she’s his mommy and licks his wrinkles, ears, and eyes and he just lets her take care of him. 

from his human

Tater is an LA dog turned city dog three years ago. He went from backyard sunbathing for the first 9 years of his life to the streets of the Village without skipping a beat. None of this would have been possible without the help of Kara and TBM. I was a nervous wreck moving to an unfinished apartment in NYC three years ago. My dogs and I have never known anything else other than Los Angeles and nobody has a dog walker in LA! I had no idea what to expect when Kara met me in the middle of a construction site, aka my living room, in October 2017. I thought I was going to need to interview 15 different dog walkers to find the person that I would trust my babies with. I knew within five minutes that Kara and TBM would watch after my dogs as if they were their own and that was all that I needed. I have trusted TBM five days a week, and many, many overnight stays with Tater Tot and Twinkie. Needless to say, I credit Kara and the entire TBM staff for a seamless, easy transition to NYC and look forward to so many years together. xx

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