Dog of the Month: Ruthie

from tbm

"The fabulous Ruthie: the face of an angel plus the mischievous personality of a two year old, all combined into one glorious, white, shiny package. Her parents are the nicest people in the world and Ruthie gets great joy in torturing them (and their stuff). But who could be mad at that face -- her eyes hold a story, for sure. She walks great, unless she decides she's done, and then she sits down and turns her back to me, so I give her a hug and, boom, she’s good to go again. That’s probably her genius plan! She loves all of her pack mates and they all love her (as do I)! Ruthie loves to sunbathe on her sofa, and if anyone deserves to lie in the sun, it’s this doll. She has such a good, mellow temperament that it’s hard not to be drawn to her. So congrats on being named DOM, Ruthie - I will bring you something special when we reconnect." -Jakki

favorite things

  • counter surfing

  • Jakki and all her TBM pals

  • avocado

  • firemen

from her humans

"TBM came into our lives when Ruthie was just 10 weeks old and we were in a pinch. They’ve been there for us ever since. Ruthie is devoted to all the TBM friends she’s made—human and canine—and though she may think she’s perfect already, her parents know that TBM training has helped her enormously.  Kara and Joey have created something wonderful, and Ruthie is tickled to be part of their pack.  Woof woof!"

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