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Dog of the Month: Nala


from Jimmy

I am so fortunate to have found tbm and now it plays a massive role in every aspect of my life. I have met the most wonderful clients and truly the greatest pups. I feel very very lucky. It’s through fostering with tbm and KPR that I met my darling pup Nala. She is my little sidekick and I can’t imagine life without her. Having the support of tbm has set us up for success and has allowed Nala to thrive. I have applied everything I have learned over the past few years to making sure Nala is happy, confident and living her best life. A big shout out to Kara for all her love, encouragement and support. We love you! Lastly, Nala will be making her Ireland debut this Christmas as we return for the holidays. Watch the space!

Nala's favorite things


  • Nala has loads of fav things. She loves perching herself on top of couches or little nooks so she can stare out the window and watch the world go by (sometimes I wonder if she was a cat in a past life lol).

  • She has gotten really into biking and loves nothing more than going in her little backpack on her Dada’s back as we ride through our favorite BK neighborhoods.

  • She adores her tbm buddies and and all her cousins. When we get to do camptbm with her friends, that’s when she is happiest. She loves her Cunucu pals and her KPR crew (shout out to Riggles).

  • Lastly she can’t decide if she prefers the snowy parks in the winter or the sandy Hamptons beaches in the summertime. It really is a tough gig for Baba.

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