Dog of the Month: Rupert

from TBM

"Rupert was one of the first dogs I walked at TBM. He has been a dream to walk and I look forward to him joining the BK pack everyday. Little makes me happier than seeing Rupert waiting at the top of the stairs ready to hit the streets! He always greets me with love and crushes it in the pack! Rupert, thank you for being in my life! You are one of the coolest dogs I’ve met so don’t change a thing! Love you buddy." - Jimmy

favorite things

  • Licking his new baby brother's hands (especially when he is crying!)

  • Napping on fabric and carpet samples in his mom's office 

  • Sunbathing on his back porch

  • Lazy weekend days in bed (literally all day!)

from his human

We cannot say enough about how much we have loved working with TBM.  Before we met Kara and the rest of the team we had unreliable dog walkers and difficulty arranging weekend travel when we couldn't bring Rupert along. It had never even occurred to us that we could find a walker (or in their case, team!) who was so invested in Rupert's well being and happiness, and would arrange boarding for him in our home or in one of theirs.  At this point we can't imagine managing our family's busy schedule without them! And Rupert loves the whole team and his pack! 

Meet the starting lineup.

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