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Dog of the Month: Coco

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from Coco's parent

After a year of minimal separation during COVID, finding a walker that Coco felt comfortable with was huge. Coco slipped into a weekly routine with Felix and her TBM mid afternoon pack. Once in a while, we’d run into Felix on an off-day or weekend - Coco immediately recognized him and got super excited. Our pets are like “kids” when you live in NYC - finding a service that treats them like their own is all anyone is looking for in the end. 

Coco's favorite things

  • Almond butter and kale sticks 

  • Playing with her furry cousins: Mishu, Nugget, Buttons, Frisco, and Arty

  • Enjoying the breeze coming off the Hudson River on the west side 

from tbm

Coco is such a sweet addition to our Chelsea pack. This darling Bullie hung with the big dogs like a boss and cozied up with the small dogs like a friend. We've loved our time with Coco and her mama — we're not ready for them to pack their bags and head west. Sending our love on your next grand adventure.

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