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Dog of the Month: Tuck

Tuck's favorite things

- Swimming! Whether it's a pool, lake, ocean, or just a hose... Tuck dives in, nose first!

- Snow! He's intent on catching every flake and, if not, rolling in it will have to do.

- Fetch! Tuck will drop a piece of street pizza for his ball. It's that exciting. Fetch is life.

- His peeps and pups! Tuck loves tbm, his packmates, and his pawrents very much.

from Tuck's family

tbm has been our Tuck lifeline since day 1. Tuck was trained as a young pup by Kara which set him (and more importantly us) up for success as a new puppy in the city! He thrived with the clear guidance she gave and blossomed into the happy, sweet, well-mannered boy he is. Pack walks have not only improved his walking etiquette, physique, and brains but have been a major source of fun for him with his awesome leader Felix and best buddy Hudson. Tuck also recently joined camptbm and we are so very thankful we could get away knowing Tuck was in the best hands! We are so thankful for all tbm has done for our family. Above all, it means the world that when he is with tbm, we know he is happy, mentally engaged, and living his best life!  

from Kara

Tuck came into our lives serendipitously. A personal friend (who doesn't have a dog) replied to a building inquiry on dog training services. Thankfully, Tuck's parents contacted us and we held our first session virtually, in the height of the pandemic. I was instantly smitten on this tiny Retriever's warm, adorable personality. Nearly a year later, this incredible family has spread our name to many who are proud pack mates of tbm, and have used every service we have to offer with total trust. They shine brightly in our hearts and we can not wait to continue this journey with them and their stunning pup Tuck.

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