nyc dog walking

Dog of the Month: Rosie

Rosie's favorite things

• playing FETCH in the Union Square dog park
• riding in the backseat of the car in between her two human sisters
• being oogled and admired by everyone 
• her tbm pack walks

from Rosie's family

Kara’s insight into how we can be the best parents to Rosie has been invaluable. She helped us understand what a dog needs to feel safe and happy. And when we were not being the best dog parents we could be, her gentle reminders were just what we needed to help our sweet Rosie thrive! Since we have both been working from home, when our awesome TBM walkers came for Rosie’s pack walks, it made us so happy knowing that Rosie was getting exactly what she needed while we were working. She always saw her walkers at the front door and her tail was wagging so much because she was so excited to see them and her buddies!

from Kara

Thanks to the wonderful FRIENDS network, we were connected to our very first Sheepadoodle. Rosie is as adorable as she looks and as lovely as her name suggests. It’s truly been an honor to work with a family seeking to do what is best for their dog. From Greenwich Village to Chelsea, we would follow y’all anywhere … and while we don’t offer walks in CT, I can’t wait to get out there and continue Rosie’s training with your family. We’ll miss everyone.

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