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Dog of the Month: Gigi

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from Gigi's parent

I am so grateful that Gigi has had the structure, support, and love of tbm since her very first day in NYC 2020. We started training virtually with Kara, then she jumped into pack walks with Luke when I returned to work. Over the last 1.5  years, Gigi has grown up to be the perfect little lady with big dog energy who can hang in any situation. Kara has taught me that every moment can be an opportunity to provide support with her training and teach Gigi how to best navigate her world. When I changed careers and joined teamtbm in October, Gigi regained her place as the star of the show, the center of my world. Gigi is a dream co-pilot and I am proud to give her the best life I can. 

Gigi's favorite things

  • Playing with toys, especially squeaky ones.

  • Traveling in a bag.

  • Pack walk with Luke and her big dog UWS crew. 

Starting Lineup