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Dog of the Month: Blanche

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from Blanche's parents

Blanche has spent almost a decade as a city girl, all of that time with TBM. Since joining the pack with her beloved brother, Dooley, she has become a great pack walker and canine citizen. TBM has always been there for her (and her humans!) through good times and bad - including learning the ropes of city life, Camp TBM sleepovers, healing after the loss of her forever bestie Dooley, and aging ever so gracefully. We’re convinced that at 13.5 years old, much of B’s long life and good health can be attributed to regular socialization and walks with her friends at TBM, both human and canine alike. She’s bidding farewell to the city and will miss all her pals dearly, but is looking forward to lots of fresh air, sun-drenched grass, and unlimited squirrels to bark at in the country. 

Blanche's favorite things


  • Brisk temperatures for looong walks 

  • Building forts with couch blankets 

  • Hunting” squirrels in the park

  • Whatever we’re sharing from our dinner 

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