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Dog of the Month: Hudson

from Hudson's parents

Kara and team have been incredible to help Hudson manage his anxiety and learn healthy boundaries. Especially as a shepherd, he was very protective of the home and tbm was so amazing in teaching us to set him up for success so that Hudson feels great with people coming into the home and our guests feel welcomed too! Now he feels our friends and family are a part of his pack. :)

Hudson's favorite things

  • Play dates with my fur friends, especially my bestie Tuck!

  • Eating all the treats!!! I love the treats! 

  • Long hikes where I can bop around and show off all my agility and speed! Zoom zoom! 

from Kara

I met Hudson through his neighbor Tuck. These two puppies met on their apartment building floor and quickly fell in love, plus their parents were diehard Michigan fans so it was a fast growing friendship. Dogs are the best, aren’t they?! I digress … When I arrived for what his parents likely thought would be a single puppy obedience session, it was clear to me Hudson needed far more structure if he was going to succeed as a friendly, trusting Aussie. I was honest with Ashley+Andrew and, truth be told, I didn’t think they’d have me back. It’s not easy to hear that your dog needs more help than you expected … but these k9 parents chose Hudson over ego, they chose a professional’s knowledge over a Google search. This is why Hudson is cruising through his first year, and this is why Ashley+Andrew stand as some of the best clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with — because they became the ultimate k9 advocate for Hudson. It’s been an honor working with this family, from training in-person in the West Village to virtually while they’re on vacation, from pack walks with Felix to photos shoots with his best pal Tuck. We adore this family. 

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