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Dog of the Month: Teddy


from Teddy's family

tbm has been game changing for us because Teddy learned how to peacefully be around other dogs and people. It also gave us the “dog Infrastructure” we need to manage Teddy, two kids and two ful- time jobs in the City. Thanks to Kara, Jimmy, ​Adam, ​Brianna and team for helping our big baby adjust to life in the borough of Brooklyn after being rescued from Texas last year. Teddy is such a sweet boy and just needed some extra time and attention to become the best version of himself. He is a beloved member of our family.

Teddy's favorite things

  • Snuggling

  • Sleeping

  • Treats

  • Giving kisses

from tbm

Teddy's been rocking and rolling in Brooklyn and has made huge strides since joining tbm. His family has done so much work to implement structure for him both in and out of the home, and it shows! We've all fallen quickly in love with this wirey Pittie mix--Teddy's also an absolute love bug and his packmates have come to love him (almost) just as much as his Handlers. We've loved seeing your progress, Teddy!

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