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Our holistic approach to dog care.

When it comes to your dog, we want to be there every step of the way.
Walking is only the beginning of what we can offer you to make sure you and your k9 companion get everything they could possibly need. 


We believe in the small, structured pack walk (at most 5 dogs per walker) as the best tool to maintain a dog's training, health, safety, and socialization. Our pack walks can be  30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes. We offer 15 minute relief breaks for puppies who are potty training.


Our philosophy: we are your dog's advocate. We incorporate discipline and affection, structure and freedom, with a value on intentional time over endless time. We want to assist you in providing your k9 with the proper tools to self-soothe, act independently, trust humans, respect dog boundaries, and live a carefree dog's life. We are members of IACP. Kara completed her training program under Blake Rodriguez of  DCTk9.


We refer to our boarding service as camptbm. Your pup can stay in the home of one of our boarders, or we can stay in your home. All walks during camptbm are included in the boarding service.

CampTBM is available to walking clients only.

K9 Concierge

 Let us be your dog's personal assistant. We will gladly schedule and handle the transport to and from grooming and vet appointments, attend a vet appointment, pick up any needed items from the pet store, and make recommendations for any dog product or service you might be interested in.

Just ask.

Our walking radius
We service neighborhoods in uptown & downtown Manhattan, and Brooklyn

Uptown dog walking
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