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Some words from the tbm family.

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"We’ve been working with Kara and tbm since Taco first came home to us, starting with puppy training to daily pack walks to camp tbm. As first-time puppy parents, we were extremely grateful for Kara's guidance on bringing an intelligent pup into our home, which we quickly learned was no small task. Kara not only trained Taco, but helped train us to earn his respect and lead him, without losing his goofball tendencies. Once Taco graduated to pack walks, we've been so happy to see him excel with his neighborhood buddies, continuing to practice what we learned with Kara's training. The messages we receive from Jimmy and Sienna after Taco's walks always brighten our days. It has also been such a blessing to have a member of the tbm team stay with Taco when we can't take him with us for a weekend trip, it's so important for us to have Taco stay with someone we trust and he's comfortable with. Knowing he's having a good time and in good hands when we're gone makes it a little easier to be away from our favorite little dude."

—  Taco's family, joined 2023


"Despite having dogs our entire lives, we didn’t fully realize what we were getting into when we adopted Holly. Tbm has been a mainstay since day one — providing training, socialization,  long walks for her boundless energy, and Camp when we travel. Everyone in the tbm family has been dependable, trustworthy, flexible, and caring - always giving Holly lots of TLC. "


—  Komar Family, joined 2019

"Blanche has spent almost a decade as a city girl, all of that time with tbm. Since joining the pack with her beloved brother, Dooley, she has become a great pack walker and canine citizen. Tbm has always been there for her (and her humans!) through good times and bad - including learning the ropes of city life, camptbm sleepovers, healing after the loss of her forever bestie Dooley, and aging ever so gracefully. We’re convinced that at 13.5 years old, much of B’s long life and good health can be attributed to regular socialization and walks with her friends at tbm, both human and canine alike."

-- Blanche's family, joined 2013


Founder & CEO

"Kara began working with my French Bulldog when he was 18-months old. Oliver went from acting like a misbehaved puppy to a well-trained Mr. Oliver in a matter of weeks. She is reliable, trustworthy, timely and caring. He spends numerous days and nights with his tbm family. I highly recommend Kara and the barking meter."


—  Phillip Lim, joined 2007

"I have owned three Rottweilers and have always made it a point to be very alert while walking them. I consider myself very lucky to have met Kara with my Rottie, Sky. After talking with her, and observing her with one of her dogs, Oliver, I decided to have her walk Sky. Long story short, I have been an extremely happy client and would absolutely recommend, without hesitation, the barking meter."

—  Joe Dowdell, joined 2007

Sky and Felix_edited.jpg

"Tbm is truly like family for me and my girls. From day 1, since Lexie and I arrived to Manhattan from California, tbm has been instrumental in Lexie's growth in navigating and balancing the energy of the city. Winter of 2018, Kara was right by our side as we brought home a second rescue Pittie, Layla. Tbm has been so critical in helping the girls get acclimated to each other and learning positive behaviors. We can truly relax and call NYC home with the help of tbm." 


—  Liz Swanson, joined 2016

"As we can all attest, there's very little about NYC that makes life easy--especially when you have a dog. Enter, tbm. What Bubba gives up in grass-availability, he gains in pack-walks, their insane attention to every possible detail/need, as well as the comfort of camptbm. And we all gain the tbm family: an incredible network of fellow dog-parents ready to support and help us navigate way, way more than just dog-stuff."


—  Nina Carbone, joined 2015


"I reached out to Kara because I was suffering in a terrible dog walking situation. From the very first email conversation, I realized that tbm was not an ordinary dog walking company. Perfect! My dog Abbey is no ordinary dog: she has bad joints, doesn't walk well, and needs special attention. Abbey and I love every member of the tbm team. Now, if they could just work on that diva attitude of hers!"


—  Brenda Adrian, joined 2013


"When Kara first met Harley in 2015, he was extremely anxious, awful on the leash, stopping every 5 steps. Tbm took control of his walks, offered me advice along the way and, today, Harley is a changed dog. I am so grateful tbm has come into our lives, not only have they made Harley a happier pup but we are so lucky to be a part of the tbm family!!"


—  Jessica Gomberg, joined 2015


"Shinji has it pretty good with tbm, but I might actually be the lucky one.  I get to take this guy to work with me every day and have him safely escorted home in the afternoon. I run a business that can be a bit taxing day to day and often don’t come home ’til late in the evening, but I know that tbm has my back and will take care of this guy when I’m on the run."


—  Zak Profera, joined 2013

"Zadie cannot remember a time that she wasn't a part of tbm -- they've been there since shortly after we brought Zadie home as a pup. Zadie and everyone at TBM hit it off from the start, to the point that they captured her personality perfectly in the nickname that they gave her: Wiggles. It just goes to show how intuitive tbm is about the dogs they care for. They treat Zadie not as a four legged client but like their own dog. Whenever we are out of town and Zadie is at camptbm, we know she will be taken care of since she is treated like a member of the family."


—  Todd Kumler, joined 2014


"In spite of her Napoleon complex (she is, after all, a 6lb rescue chihuahua), tbm has not only walked Lula, but made sure she's social and polite with her pack. Lula loves her long walks and has been a frequent camper at camptbm - she's had so much fun and felt so much love, it makes us feel a little less guilty when we can't take her on one of our adventures. Tbm has been the best extended family a rescue chihuahua could ask for!"


—  Klein Family, joined 2016

"Tbm has been a trusted part of Beary’s life since he was just a few weeks old. Tbm family has provided us with guidance, understanding, compassion, and has always shown up for us when we’ve needed them."

—  Rubin Family, joined 2007

Bear Rubin_edited.jpg

"We are tbm's biggest fans. Their flexibility and responsiveness make our busy, unpredictable lives run smoothly. The whole team shows Wilbur (almost!) the same amount of love we do. We love camptbm - traveling without a worry is such a treat."


—  Doramus Family, joined 2018

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