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Dog 101: What a New Parent Needs to Know

It’s raining dogs and dogs! The demand for a puppy or rescue dog is at an all-time high! It’s amazing!! Dogs will be delighted to meet their new family member(s), and so many humans will find great joy in having a dog by their side, especially during this time. 

It’s always a good time to bring a dog into your family. Whether a puppy or a rescue, dogs deserve to find a forever home. Dogs deserve someone to call their own.

I often hear people say, “If I got a dog, they wouldn’t get enough attention since I work all day.” My immediate reaction is to say they will get far more love and attention than being left in a shelter or sent to a less loving home. I am all for humans and dogs banding together. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, early in your career, working crazy hours, and blowing up the dating scene. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family with kids, settled into your routine at home, running various school committees, and barely getting enough sleep with all that’s on your plate. It also doesn’t matter if you’re working from home with endless time and no social plans and the ability to sit next to your dog every waking hour! There is a common denominator in all of these circumstances: a dog could still look to you to be their guide, their protector, their provider, and their best friend. In essence, the dog needs you to be their advocate. 

Let’s not forget that all of these dogs, regardless of their human’s circumstances, are eager to learn what we expect of them. They require structure in order to learn boundaries and adapt to their new environment.


During the month of May, the Canine Consultant will address various questions and concerns related to your new family member. We reached out to our community to see what you’d most like to learn about, and we put together a schedule of blog posts and corresponding Instagram Live chats with colleagues we trust to advocate for our pups:

The Focus

May 11 blog post

We will kick this off this discussion on IG Live with Clarity K9, a Brooklyn based Dog Training/Sitting Company. 

  • Create a Schedule: Potty training and the importance of the crate.

  • Food Motivation: Use of the meal/food motivation to cultivate your role as the Provider and to teach the essential commands.

  • Basic Obedience: Tips on how to keep your dog stimulated and the value of calm. An overview of basic FAQ when bringing home your dog.

Puppy 101 / Rescue 101

May 18 blog post

We will be joined on IG Live by with Cunucu Dog Rescue, a rescue focused on finding loving forever homes for homeless dogs from Aruba.

  • How bringing home a puppy can be similar to bringing home a rescue dog: the value of rules and routine are equally as important in both instances.

  • Key points to address with your puppy/rescue dog:  (1.) Leash Etiquette. The understated value of leash pressure, and socialization with dogs and humans. (2.) Teething/Mouthiness. Redirecting their attention and meaning what you say. (3.) Your status as pack leader. Common choices we make as humans that elevate our dogs to our level and us to theirs when they do not want that. 

  • The incredible role of being a foster parent and how rescue organizations work. 

The Other Factors

May 25 blog post

IG Live conversation with team members from Shadow, an app that uses the power of technology and its Volunteers to reunite lost dogs with their families.

  • High flight risk: Why it is critical to build a bond with your dog on that first day so they learn to trust you, even if that takes a tremendous amount of time. 

  • Expected and unexpected costs throughout their lifetime: Veterinary care, training, dog walker/day care, boarding during travel, and all the spoils.

  • Addressing other questions that arise over the course of the month through our Sunday Session and response to the IG Live and blog. 

I look forward to this journey with you. Let’s come together to find a clear path for your dog that allows them to live a dog’s life: carefree and completely adored, understanding of your expectations, and aware of their routine. 

Let’s Raise a Glass to our Dogs,


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